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About The Sloan(e), Johnson, (O')Kelley, Daum/Damm, Gustafson, Coon, Sowell, Camb, Givens, St family trees
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I started looking for relatives as there are a number of mysteries...
1. Who was my father's father? It looks as though it was John L
Sloan AKA Jack Clayton Sloane, as well as numerous aliases (according to the marriage
certificate between him and my grandmother, he was born ca. 1904 at Charleston, South Carolina, USA
and stated never had been married before), born Apr 1898, at Belgreen, Franklin, Alabama. The saga
continues as it appears "Jack Sloan" was a bigamist and married to Artelia Whitten (who he had
abandoned at Sheffield, Alabama in 1937), and engaged to Marcella Reedy, Sunday, 10 Dec 1939, at 
Pensacola, Florida. My grandmother was abandoned by him Sep 1939 and my father was born Nov 1939, 
she discovered the marriage announcement in the newspaper and went to the police the next morning. 
The Sheriff arrested Jack Sloan a few days later at Pensacola, at the home of Marcella Reedy. He 
pleaded insanity and not guilty to bigamy and non-support. The court appointed doctors to assess him
and they deemed him sane to stand trial. Jack then changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced to 5
years in prison. We see him on the 1940 Census at Raiford, Union, Florida at the Florida State
Prison. He was released in 1943 and died at Brevard County, Florida, Jan 1963.
2. Who are the Irish family my mother's mother always talked about? The Kelleys? I haven't found any
evidence of any of them coming from Ireland. Who were John
William Kelley's siblings/parents? Looks like Joseph
Kelley born in Connecticut was his father and his mother, Lucina
Pelton. He was the second youngest of six children. Ironically, my paternal side have been 
traced to Northern Ireland and Scotland.
3. Where do the Swedish relatives come from? Oliver
A Johnson's parents came from Västernorrland in Sweden. He had a twin brother, Jonas. Anna
Lovisa Gustafson (her family were found in both Sweden and the USA)
4. Where do the Daum/Damms originate from? Gerhard
Damm was born in Großherzogtum
Baden, Deutscher Bund (Beschreibt auf Deutsch) [Grand Duchy of Baden, German League (English
explanation)] on 14 Sep 1828 at Kirnbach (Unterharmersbach) in the heart of the Black Forest.
There is a Civil War Pension record at The National Archives. As from 22 Nov 2011, I have said
Pension archive in my possession, thanks to my cousin Marnie Hart. Contained within, we learn a bit
more about Catharine
5. Where do the Coons originate from? Who were George
Washington Coon's parents? It looks as though this mystery is solved. They came from Elbing,
Preußen [Prussia]. What is today, Elbląg, Poland.
6. Who were Charles
William Camb's parents?
7. Who were the parents of Mary Lewis? She was born 24 Feb 1853 at 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; married Sylvanus Johnston, 3 Sep 1867 at Iowa; died 15 Jan 1921 at 
possibly South Dakota.

Geographically: Germany: (was known as the German League 1815-1866 [Deutsche Bund] or Prussia [Preußen]) Gerhard Damm (born 1828 at Kirnbach bei Zell am Harmersbach, Großherzogtum Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden) and died in USA Civil War 1 Nov 1865 of chronic diarrhoea at Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA) Catharine Korte (born Sep 1831 at Rüssel bei Ankum, Bersenbrück, Königreich Hannover (Kingdom of Hanover) and died 3 Jul 1914 at Winona County, Minnesota, USA) Poland: (Prussia [Preußen] in the 1800s) The Coons originally came from Elbing or Elbląg in Polish. Sweden (Sverige in Swedish): Anna Lovisa Gustafsdotter (born 18 Jun 1857 at Hidinge, Örebro and died 19 Feb 1936 at Huron, South Dakota, USA) The parents of Olof "Oliver" August Johnson father: Pehr "Peter" Jonsson, born Apr 1848 Tängsta, Resele, Västernorrland län, death 17 Dec 1928 at Stonington, Michigan, USA. Mother: Brita "Bertha" Greta Söderqvist, born Feb 1848 Holme, Resele, Västernorrland län, died 26 Dec 1931 at Stonington, Michigan, USA. Scotland William King (born Sept 1704 at Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died ca. 1768 at Halifax County, North Carolina) County Antrim, Ireland John Sloan (born 14 Sep 1716 at County Antrim, Ireland and died 26 Dec 1829 at Laurens County, South Carolina, USA. Arrived at Charles Town, South Carolina Dec 1767. See the stories regarding Sloans and Taylors. Runcorn Parish, Cheshire, England Livezeys Essex, England Charles Pelton (born abt 1590 at Essex, England and died abt 1650 at Essex, England). Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales Evan Thomas b. 1630 at Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales; d. 1685 at Haverford, Pennsylvania. Sligo, Ireland Rev. William Johnston (born abt 1791 at Sligo, Ireland and died abt 1863 at Cedar Township, Ohio). Arrived at New York in 1815.

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